Gregory Grieve
University of North Carolina Greensboro
Research interests: Ludic evil, theories and methods of video gaming, values, religion

Lisa Kienzl
University of Bremen
Research interests: Religion, gender, identity, nation(alism), gaming cultures, media anthropology, historical anthropology

Kerstin Radde-Antweiler
University of Bremen
Research interests: Religion in video gaming, value formations, mediatization, gender

Jere Kyyrö
University of Turku
Research interests: Representations of Culture and Religion; RPG’s; Strategy Games; Game Mechanics

Simone Baldetti
University of Pisa
Research interests: Law, religion and Gaming, Religious Cultural Heritage and Gaming

Heidi Rautalahti
University of Helsinki, Aalto University
Research interests: Non-religion and meaningful gaming px, meaningful (purposeful/bizarre) encounters with games

Jane Skjoldli
University of Stavanger
Research interests: Theory, method; Virtual material culture; Interaction, Interfaces, immersion

Kathrin Trattner
University of Bremen

Research interests: gaming, religion, nation(alism), race, gender, gamer communities, intersectionality

James Nobles
Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary
Research interests: Ethics and theology of RPGs

Allan Macedo de Novaes
Adventist University of Sao Paulo
Research interests: Seventh-day Adventism and gaming; religion and board games; religious education and gaming; gamebooks